Welcome to Dotcalm Computing

As more and more of us turn to the Internet to find products and services, learn about a company and make an online purchase, having a website that is easy to find has never been so important. Do you have a website, lots of innovative products, but no traffic or sales? Want to have a website, but don’t know where to begin? I offer internet marketing services for anyone who is thinking about selling their products using a website. I specialize in selling industrial tools and equipment, or anything for the industrial market.

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My Portfolio

Since discovering the Internet in 1988 and starting my own business in 1995, I have helped a few select companies in their quest to use the web as a sales tool. In a majority of the cases, the company was not computerized at all, or was way behind in terms of equipment and software.

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My Services

A business can always benefit from greater efficiency, more control over its daily operation and greater exposure to more potential customers. If you want more control over your business and more sales and leads, a website would be a good way to get started.

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The TwentySevenTeen Theme

The TwentySevenTeen Theme Just started working with the new theme from WordPress called TwentySeventeen. I gotta say “its about time”. Until now themes from the team at WordPress have been designed for the blogging community. But not anymore.

What is SEO?

What is Search Engine Optimization? Search engine optimization is a process of making your site easy to find. A good online search engine optimization service is the difference between having a website and having a website that will make you a lot of money. If your site is hard to find, and you’re disappointed by …

How To Choose A Web Design Company

A Five Point Guide The best design technique for a business website is undoubtedly one that strives to make the website search engine friendly. Here is a simple five point summary of what you should look for and avoid when selecting a web design company. For a more detailed version of this article click here.