Digital Marketing System

The Digital Marketing System was designed to solve a particular problem: the problem of asking and getting permission to sell something.  This is not the best solution for an e-commerce company that is only interested in selling on price alone. It is best suited for those companies that want to sell on the quality of their solutions, i.e., how well they can solve problems.

Asking someone if you can show them your solution, product or service takes a lot of work. Its even harder to acquire their consent. Not only is the Digital Marketing system good at asking for permission, it might even be better at getting it.

Asking For Permission

Let’s start with the process of asking for permission. The Digital Marketing System (DMS) is, first and foremost,  a blog or a posting engine.  It not only creates content, but “search engine optimized”  or “structured” content.  When search engines like Google, for instance, come across structured content, they give it a “higher ranking” which, in a word, is like asking for permission. When someone searches for something using a keyword or phrase, a search engine returns a list of organic and paid for results that can either be ignored or clicked on. When they click on the link, not only have they been asked for their consent, they have given it.

The beauty of the Digital Marketing System and the posting engine is that it creates search engine optimized content. You simply fill out a form and its done. This is what is known as search engine optimization or SEO. It asks for permission by appearing on the first page of a search engine and gets consent when someone clicks on the link. The problem is that this technique is too passive. It has to sit and wait patiently for someone to give their permission, i.e., click on a link.

Getting Permission

Instead of just waiting for someone to give their consent, let’s move on to the process of getting permission. The Digital Marketing System is also very good at actively getting someone’s permission. But this is where it has to depend on something else – and that is called Social Media.

Social Media has provided us with a way to actively go out and get someone’s permission instead of just patiently waiting for them to click on a search engine result. In most cases, the process of getting permission is the same. You “subscribe” “join” or “like” someone and if they don’t respond, you ask them to do the same to you. In this way, you create a network of relationships – or a network of companies who have given you permission to share content with them.

Once you have an acquired the permission or built up a network of relationships with companies, you can use the The Digital Marketing System to share post content that is automatically shared with everyone who belongs to that network. This is what this system excels at. It creates “Structured” & “Shared” Content almost effortlessly and makes a website easy to find.

Now while this may seem easy enough, the tough part is building up a network of consent. It takes a lot of work to get someone to “like” you back, or to “subscribe” to your channel, but at least its better than patiently waiting for someone to click on your link.