Google Adwords

Its not that hard to setup an Adwords campaign and start advertising for a product or service.  It is,  however,  a lot harder to maximize the return on this kind of investment. This is where my Google Adwords Service comes in. Maximizing the return on  your Google Adwords investment can save you thousands of dollars and in most cases a lot more. The problem is that it not only takes a lot of time testing and experimenting, but it takes a lot of experience and technical know how. 

An Advertising Tool

Google Adwords has quickly become the most revolutionary advertising tool there is and one you cannot afford to ignore. The problem is that its probably one of the hardest tools to learn how to use and requires a combination of talents to master. To get it to work properly, not only do you have to know how to design a website that is search engine friendly, you have to know how to combine Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Sitemaps and Google Tag Manager into an effective marketing tool. This means a lot of testing, testing and more testing to find out what works. And the biggest secret is to do all that without spending a lot of money – at least in the beginning.

The Secret

If your interested in trying out Google Adwords, I provide Google Adwords Service that includes the development of a search engine friendly website, the setup and operation of a Google Adwords campaign, and the installation of Analytics, Webmaster Tools, Google Sitemaps and Google Tag Manager to make it all work together.

The secret to maximizing the return on your Adwords investment is understanding that in the Google Adwords world there is more than one kind of “click” – there are two kinds of clicks:

1. Low Return on Investment Click. This is when someone clicks on your ad and just leaves the website.
2. High Return on Investment Click. This is when someone clicks on your ad and then clicks on a link, clicks on an email link or clicks to download a brochure. These extra clicks are called Conversions.

A click that leads to more conversions is the most valuable type of click and its the kind of click that you want to attract. The first kind of click just costs money and there is no or very little return on your investment (ROI). More importantly, Google rewards the second kind of click by making you pay less for it. Knowing this can save you a considerable amount of your hard earned money.

To maximize your ROI, Google Adwords has a tool called the Conversion Optimizer which uses Conversion Data (a historical record of all the clicks generated when someone clicks on your ad) to optimize the performance of your campaigns, ads, etc. It uses this data, for instance, when it decides how high to place the ad. If there is a good chance that a click will lead to more conversions, it will show the ad in a higher position to get it.

Google Adwords

Creating a Google Adwords account and setting up a campaign can be a little traumatic and requires that you know what keywords you want to target, how to make an Ad Group, your first Ad and so many other things. Not only can I help you with all of this, but I can help you to link your Adwords account with Google Analytics.

Google Analytics

Knowing how much traffic there is to your website, what keywords brought a visitor to your site, what pages they visited and how long they stayed is of vital importance when trying to run a profitable Adwords campaign. Google Analytics puts all web statistical programs to shame and is your way into understanding how Google Adwords campaign is performing.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) is the latest tool offered by Google to help you manage all your Google Analytic and Adword Conversion Tracking tags without ever having to upload any code to your website. GTM is a tool that combines all your Analytic tags within a single container or snippet of code which allows you to manage all your tags from a central location. You can add and update your own tags, with just a few clicks, whenever you want, without bothering your web designer.

Webmaster Tools and Sitemaps

Another critical tool for any successful investment in Google Adwords is Webmaster Tools. It not only helps you find out who linking to your website or how many crawl errors there are, it can also help you to optimize your website meta tags so that they meet the certain guidelines. It can help you analyze the performance of your site using resources like PageSpeed Insights and whether or not your site is mobile friendly. Google Sitemaps helps Google to index your site properly so that all your pages will show up in the organic results.

My Goal

It is the ultimate goal of my service to do one thing: make sure that for every dollar you spend on Google Adwords, you get at the very least a dollar in return. Of course, it may not start out that way, and it will take time, but that’s the goal. To reach that goal. it is very important to understand the main purpose of a search engine like Google. For Google its all about relevance. Unless they can provide “relevant” results when someone searches for something using a keyword, search engines would have never lasted this long. The same holds true for Google Adwords. If your ad leads to a page that is irrelevant to what the visitor was looking for, your cost per click will rise. Google not only wants organic results that are relevant, it wants Ads that are as well.

In the beginning, most search engine optimization experts claimed that it was a combination of good content and incoming links that Google was looking for in a website. “Content is King and Links are Queen” was their catch phrase.

These are important factors, as are many other factors, i.e., age of the website, ease of navigation, mobile friendliness, etc. But the things or metrics that concern Google the most about a website are twofold: 1) how long a person spends on a website or Visit Duration and 2) whether or not they stayed on site for a minute or just moved on right a way or Bounce Rate. A website that can keep its visitors once they get there, and then get them to do things while they are there, is “relevant” and should do well not only in terms of how it ranks in the search engine, but in terms of how a Google Adword’s campaign performs. To make your Adwords campaign work at its highest level, I will need to setup two rather important tools. Conversion Optimizer and Event Tracking.

1. Conversion Optimizer

The first tool that I will want to setup is the Conversion Optimizer. If your goal is making conversions like sales or downloading a brochure, the Conversion Optimizer can help automatically get the most possible conversions for your budget. If the goal of your campaign is to sell a product on your website, you can use this tool to potentially make more sales and pay less for the clicks that result in purchases or at conversions.

2. Event Tracking

The second tool that I will want to setup is called Event Tracking. Events are interactions with content on your website that can be tracked independently from a web page or a screen load. Downloads, ad clicks, page visits, and video plays are all examples of actions you might want to track as Events. Being able to tell what someone did when they clicked on your ad, and what pages they visited, are a part of understanding how successful your campaign is and what you can do to improve it.

My Google Adwords Service

Unless it’s easy to access a website to make changes, it is hard to setup Google Adwords so that it can achieve a high rate of return on your investment. There is so much code that has to be added to a website for Event Tracking and Conversion Optimizer to work, that having an independent web designer to do it isnt’ the best situation. I offer a web design and development service that is “Google Adwords Ready”. I will not only design your website so that it is search engine friendly, but that has all the code necessary for Google Analytics and a fully optimized Adwords campaign.