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The Digital Marketing System is based on idea that the best way to sell anything is to get permission first – offer your product or service only once consent has been given. Asking for consent, however, is one thing. Getting it is entirely a different matter and that is what the Digital Marketing System was designed for – asking for and getting permission.

the solution for contractors

This system is ideal for anyone in the industrial world who is a contractor or a systems and solutions provider. If your company solves problems by designing, manufacturing and installing equipment and combining them into a complete “turn-key” solution, this system was made for you.

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My Portfolio

Since discovering the Internet in 1988 and starting my own business in 1995, I have helped a few select companies in their quest to use a website as a sales tool. In some cases, the company was not computerized at all, or was way behind in terms of equipment and software.  Those that did have a website had no traffic to speak of and had no leads or sales.

The Digital Marketing System may not be the solution for everyone.  It was designed for those industrial companies that either make their own equipment,  or use equipment made by someone else, to build larger systems and solve problems. This includes contractors like plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, landscapers and much more.

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The Digital Marketing System