Web Analytics

Even though the Rate of Return or ROI is probably the most important metric when it comes to determining how effective your website is, very few companies pay any attention to it.  Web Analytics is the place to start.

Setting up a system that can calculate the rate of return on your investment in a website starts with being able to track what visitors do on your website and what percentage of the emails, forms and phone calls are converted into sales. This is where web analytics using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics can provide you with kind of data that can mean the difference between a low and a high ROI.

Having some way of tracking what emails and forms are being converted into sales requires a database and the ability to record when those leads are converted into sales.

The hardest part of all this, is finding a way to handle phone calls and tracking when they lead to sales. A company policy of asking people who call how they found you is a good place to start.

The Digital Marketing System sets up well when it comes to making decisions that can improve or adversely affect the performance of your site. Changing the impression your site is giving, for example, is simply a matter of updating content and giving it some structure. Not knowing the ROI means making these kinds of decisions in the “dark” and can lead to disaster.