WordPress Training

The overall goal of the Digital Marketing System and the services it offers is to give the customer more control over the website. For too long now, customers have been content to leave the development of their website to a third party, i.e., someone outside the company. The drawback is that the creation of content (which gets your site to the top of the search engines) is not given the attention it deserves. No one knows their own business as well the customer themselves, which means that they should know how to use this system. 

For the Digital Marketing System to work, there has to be customer imput when it comes to the creation of content. That means instruction and training.

Every job, project or enterprise should be documented, photographed and then entered into the Digital Marketing System using the posting machine. To do this, the customer should at least know how to create a post.

A major component of the services offered by the Digital Marketing System includes some basic training in how to use this system. Search engines like Google love content. To get to the top of these search engines for a variety of keywords,  and to increase traffic to the site, content has to be created on a daily basis. Since no one knows his or her own business like the customer, it can no longer be left to a third party like the webmaster.

Learning how to create a post in WordPress is not that difficult. It’s even easier with the Digital Marketing System.  In addition to creating a post, its also a good idea if you know how to take photographs and upload them to the site with a smartphone. Just think. Creating a post from the luxury of your own phone can lead to more traffic to your site. How cool is that?

The Posting Engine is the centerpiece of the Digital Marketing System. As long as you have login privileges you can create “Fresh, Structured and Sharable” Content.

Creating a post is basically a three step process:

1. Title
2. Content
3. Featured Image

To Create A Post
Login to the system using your username and password.

  1. Go to Posts/Add New
  2. Title: Enter a title in the Title text box. Try to enter a title using a keyword or keyword phrase.
  3. Content: Enter text for the body of the page in the main text editor. A minimum of 300 words.
  4. Category/Tags: Select a Category and add Tags or keywords that indicate what the post is about. This is what adds structure to your content.
  5. Featured Image: Add a Featured Image by clicking Set featured image under Featured Image. Select your image from Library or Upload a new image and click Set featured image. Please Note: Image size must be 2000 x 1200 to work properly.
  6. Publish: Click Publish

Download the Create a Post Template pdf brochure.