Digital Marketing Services

The Digital Marketing System does a lot of things. When all these things work together, the result is a lot of traffic and sales. The system can be broken down into four services. It offers website design service,  a SEO or search engine optimization service, a Google Adwords service and Promotional service involving Social Media. 

The overall goal of my service is give you total control over your website so that you don’t need me anymore. This can mean a lot education and training.

My Digital Marketing Services include:

Web Design |  Search Engine Optimization | Google Adwords | Web Promotion | Web Analytics | WordPress Training

Web Design

The Digital Marketing System is a theme based system. While it has access to the thousands of themes offered by WordPress, it is best used when it uses the latest theme called the Twenty Seventeen theme.  Aside from the graphic design it often requires, this theme is the only business friendly theme offered by WordPress. It uses a Dynamic Landing Page as a home page which displays the most recent posts and keeps the front page fresh and up to date.

A lot of companies like to worry about how the site looks before doing anything else. This approach will get you no where fast.

While the “look” and “feel” of a website is extremely important, it is best left to the last as there are so many other things that have a higher priority. Worrying about what the site looks like is putting the cart before the horse. What good is a beautifully designed website if no one ever sees it? Don’t do things in the wrong order. Start first by getting all the content and the structure of the site ready, optimize every page, and build your social media presence. Worry about graphic design once people start coming to the site.

Search Engine Optimization

The Digital Marketing System uses what I call a posting engine which you fill out like any form and turns that input into structured or search engine friendly content.  This process makes your pages and the entire site “search engine friendly” and helps the search engine determine the subject matter of the page or post.  While this looks and sounds easy, keyword research is still of paramount importance and it requires a lot of analysis and hard work to really be successful.

Google Adwords

The Digital Marketing System not only makes it super easy to add structured content to your site and whatever social media platform you use, it also can create unique landing pages designed to convert visitors into buyers. Using custom designed templates, it makes it easy to create quick and productive landing pages.

My Adwords Services not only include designing landing pages, it starts with the setup and operation of a Google Adwords campaign, the installation of Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Web Master Tools which make it all work together.

The most important part of developing a successful Adwords Campaign is the setting up of a tracking system that will be able to determine what kind of return you are getting for your investment.  The secret to maximizing the return on your Adwords investment is understanding that in the Google Adwords world there is more than one kind of “click” :

1. Low Return on Investment Click. This is when someone clicks on your ad and just leaves the website.
2. High Return on Investment Click. This is when someone clicks on your ad and then clicks on a link, clicks on an email link or clicks to download a brochure. These extra clicks are called Conversions.

A click that leads to more conversions is the most valuable type of click and its the kind of click that you want to attract. The first kind of click just costs money and there is no or very little return on your investment (ROI). More importantly, Google makes you pay less for the second kind of click. Knowing this can save you a considerable amount of your hard earned money.

Web Promotion

The days of overloading your meta tags with keywords, adding hidden keywords in your text and joining link farms are finally over. As of March 2017, the first human edited directory -The Open Directory Project or DMOZ,  has shut its doors and will no longer be accepting requests to be listed in their directory.  It’s the final response to what has been the overwhelming  impact of Social Media on how you should promote your website.

A website without lots of traffic can’t even be technically called a website. Lots of traffic to a website is how you ask and receive permission to show your products and services.

Nowadays its all about social media. My promotional service consists of building your website presence on all the social platforms by building as many relationships as possible.

Web Analytics

The Digital Marketing System is the perfect tool for building a system that can show how well your website is performing and whether or not changes need to be made. The cost of developing and maintaining this kind of system can only be measured properly when you know what kind of return you are getting. If you are spending $20,000/year on hosting, advertising on Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn, and website development, that number is meaningless unless you know how much revenue the site is generating. Spending $20,000/year to get $25,000/year is not nearly as good as spending the same amount and generating $50,000/year. Knowing what your ROI is can make a big difference in how you perceive the cost of doing business and how well your website is performing.


For the Digital Marketing System to work, there has to be customer imput when it comes to the creation of content. Every job, project or enterprise should be documented, photographed and then entered into the Digital Marketing System using the posting machine.  At the very least, the customer should know how to create a post.