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The Digital Marketing System is for companies who want to increase traffic, convert leads and improve the rate of return on their investment. (ROI). The development of this system can be broken down into five major services from design to tracking the conversion of leads into sales and the rate of return on your investment.

Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Web Promotion, Web Analytics and WordPress Training.

1) Web Design: which include setting up the structure of the website, its menu structure and how the site might look.

2) Search Engine Optimization or SEO: which includes extensive keyword research, meta tag development, and optimizing the content for every post created for the website.

3) Google Adwords: which includes the setting up of Google Analytics using Google Tag Manger, and the Search Console or Webmasters. It also includes the design of landing pages for conversions, and setting up Google Adwords, Ad Groups, Keywords and the Ads themselves.

4) Web Promotion: which includes everything from banner advertising to using a blog to post content and building your website’s presence on hundreds of social media platforms.

5) Web Analytics: involves setting up a tracking system that can measure ROI which is critical for the success of any business. It is even more so for a website. The Digital Marketing System makes this possible by using Google Analytics to track leads, i.e., emails, forms and phone calls. Once all the data is collected, the next step is to see 1) what percentage of those leads are  converted into sales, and 2) what it cost to get those leads, 3) what kind of revenue they are generating and 3) how to improve the rate of return on the investment in the website.

6) Training: the days of leaving the creation of content to your webmaster or some other third party are long gone. For the Digital Marketing System to work properly, there has to be customer imput when it comes to the creation of content. Every job, project or enterprise should be documented, photographed and then entered into the Digital Marketing System using the posting machine.  At the very least, the customer should know how to create a post.

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