Formula For Success

The Digital Marketing System (DMS) is based on a simple formula for success. Document everything that your company does and post it to build content.

I. Google Sells Attention
What is it that search engines like Google are selling? Visibility or, to be more precise, Attention. If your company is looking for attention, then showing up at the top of a search engine for a particular keyword is your ultimate goal. The trick is figure out how to get to the top for the widest range of keywords possible.

II. Google Loves Content
Too many companies are leaving the creation of content to their web design company instead of doing it themselves. This is a huge mistake.

When it comes to content, i.e., the collection of images and text that make up your website, most companies are happy with a website that consists of some pages about their products and/or services, a page about them and one with all their contact information, and so on. If they have a blog at all or some sort of resources section, its usually a few informative pages offering tips and so on about their products.

This kind of approach to content might have been enough to generate some traffic to your site in the past. But when compared to the amount of content generated by social media, this kind of website has virtually no content at all.

We can think of it this way. Content management systems like WordPress are basically a database that can hold as much content as the hosting server can provide. A ten or twenty page website will barely register on the capacity scale. The solution is to start building content on a daily basis and slowly filling up that database.

The question is how to do this when the creation of content is left to an outside third party like a web design company. Since they cannot know your business as well as you do, they can only create content that is informative in some way.  While this type of informative content is fine in the beginning, there eventually comes a time when the web design company runs out of things to say. Since they are not part of the company, they really don’t know enough about what it is that their customer is doing to add the kind of content needed to increase website traffic.

After a short time the creation of content sort of dries up and is no longer fresh.

III. Build Content To Get Attention
For content to increase traffic to your site, it has to be 1) structured, i.e., target a certain keyword, 2) sharable, i..e, with social media, 3) stored and built up over time in a database, and perhaps most importantly, 4) fresh.

When companies leave the creation of content to an outside party who really doesn’t know on a daily basis what it is that they do, traffic to their site will either  stagnate or just  wither away.

To correct this problem it is becoming more and more important for companies to keep the creation of content for their website in house. That means documenting, i.e., using pictures and text, everything that they do on and off-site. While most companies claim that they are too busy to do this, either they have to change or slowly lose valuable traffic to their site.

Not only does this approach showcase what it is that a company does, it creates content and keywords that are not only core, but also long-tailed keywords, i.e., those three or four keyword phrases which are very specific. While long-tailed keywords get less traffic, they usually have a much higher conversion rate than core keywords. Websites that target only the core keywords are missing out on this type of traffic. And since the competition for core keywords is so great, they will eventually lose what traffic they do have.

They have to understand that search engines like Google not only love content, but content that is fresh and built up over time and stored in a database. The formula for success is that simple:

  1. Google Sells Attention
  2. Google Loves Content
  3. Build Content To Get Attention

Formula For Success = Document Every Project and Post To Build Content