Why Choose The Digital Marketing System

There are several reasons why you should choose the Digital Marketing System (especially if you are a contractor). 

  1. Attention: To get the attention you want for your business, i.e.,  an increase in leads and sales, you have to be at the top of the search engines for a variety of keywords. Search engines love content and the DMS makes it easy to create content and the attention you crave.
  2. Control: the days of letting someone else create content for your business are long gone. The DMS gives you the kind of control over the creation of content that is necessary to reach the top of the search engines. This is a dream come true for someone like a contractor who can document every job and in the process build enough content to get the necessary attention.
  3. User Friendly: to get the kind of control necessary for your success,  it has to be extremely easy to create content. The DMS may not be the most sophisticated system available, but it keeps things simple and with a little training can be super easy to maintain and develop.
    1. Text: creating text or posting is as simple as creating a document using Word. Enter a title, some text and click Update.
    2. Images: the featured image requires images 2000 x 1200. This makes it easy to add images to your posts which will all be the same size adding consistency to your site.
  4. Security: after looking at hundreds of themes, free or otherwise,  one gets the impression that unless you pay for a theme, there is no guarantee that your website is secure. At least with the DMS, it is in the best interests of the folks at  WordPress to keep their own themes as secure as possible.
    1. Updates: WordPress and the Twenty Seventeen theme are updated on a regular basis which makes it difficult for hackers to get into the system.