The Posting Engine

The Posting Engine is the centerpiece of the Digital Marketing System. When you create a post and hit that Publish button three things happen: 1) content is created for social media, 2) content is added to a database, and 3) content is added to the dynamic front page.

The Posting Engine produces search engine friendly content simply by filling out the form. That input is converted into structured or search engine friendly content.

  1. Go to Posts/Add New

Entering A Title

  1. The first step is to enter a title which serves as the title of the post and shows up in the tab when you go to the post. It usually contains the keyword that the post is about.

Adding Content

  1. Under the Text or Visual tab you will past content that will include keywords describing what the post is about, i.e., name of the product, its description, some main features and specifications. Insert a Read More tag after the first couple of sentences to keep the content short and brief when it is displayed along with other postings.


  1. Either create or select a category in which to put your post. This makes it possible to search all your posted content by Category. It also gives the search engine a way to rank your post.


  1. Either create or select a tag for your post. This makes it possible to search all your posted content by tags or keywords and gives the seach engine a way to rank your post.

Featured Image

  1. Click on Set featured image and add an image to your post. Image has to be 2000 x 1200.
  2. Enter a Caption
  3. Enter Alt Text
  4. Enter Description
  5. Click Set featured image


  1. Click Save Draft or Preview
  2. Status: Option to save as draft or pending reveiw.
  3. Visibility: Options include Public, Stick this post to the front page, Password protected and Private
  4. Publish: Options include immediately, by a certain date.
  5. Click the Publish button.

The Publish Button

  1. Create structured or search engine optimized content for your website which is stored in a database.
  2. Create content for social media to share with thousands of companies interested in your product.
  3. Adds the post to the Dynamic Landing Page