What Is Content?

Content is basically the images and text that make up a page on a website. For a search engine like Google to show your content at the top, that content not only has to be 1)  fresh and continuously created, it has to be 2) structured, 3) sharable, and 4) stored.  

Fresh Content: for a website to reach the top of the search engines it has to be constantly updated with new and fresh content. For a contractor who is constantly completing new projects on a daily basis, this is easy to do. When every job is documented, and posted, content is always freshly displayed on the Digital Marketing System’s unique home page.

Structured Content: is the images and text that targets a particular keyword(s). Every page you create has to have a title, a description and a focus keyword so that Google can tell what keyword the page is targeting. In a Content Management System like WordPress, that content can also be “categorized” and “tagged” to give it even more structure.

Sharable Content: is content that is ultimately posted on social media platforms like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Once it has been posted on these platforms, and there is a network of “followers”, that content is sharable.

Stored Content: is the content created by “posts” or “blogs”. Unlike the static pages of a website that rarely change and usually make up the navigational structure of the website, posts are dynamic and created on a daily basis. Each post is stored in a database that can be linked to from the static pages. In this way, content can be stored and built up over time.